October 10, 2011

Curtain Call

It’s amazing how sometimes it seems that nothing happens around the house. A whole week will go by and I’ll look around and realize that I had about a dozen plans and none of them came to fruition…
Well, I’m glad to say that, despite how freaking busy we both were, that was not the case last week! Frankly, I’m well behind on my post writing (in case you didn’t notice—but you probably did). For example, we’ve put up two window treatments, removed weed-block from the backyard, purchased curtains for another room, and I’ve got all the supplies I need to reupholster the dining room table. That in addition to working full time, me going to school, and both of us attempting to have a social life. And there’s more. Although, I can’t remember it all right now, admittedly…
Anyhow, let’s start off with what we did to the lower living room. Well, I never really had any intention of putting up curtains in that room, but Denny felt strongly about it, so like a good wife (who was tired of hearing her husband beg her to put up window treatments) I went to Ross and looked for a rod to match the one up in the dining room. I couldn’t find the exact same rod, but I found something similar by the same company.
However, curtains at Ross? A bust. A total no-go. So, off to Target I went (are we sensing a theme? I’m a total cheap-o when it comes to curtains—but that’s another story for another day). I brought along with me my cute but demanding husband. I had to bribe Denny with the new Transformers movie, but I got him to go along with me on my curtain shopping expedition.
We (yes, we) finally decided on some plain, lightweight, linen-like curtains in a shade of pale aqua-blue. After some blah-blah-blah, they were hung and we stood back to admire.

I really like how they almost match the ones upstairs. And although I didn’t really feel that the living room was that exposed, I have to admit, I’m liking being about to draw the curtains and get this kind of privacy:
However, I had one little problem with this arrangement (of course, because when am I ever 100% satisfied with any project?). You see, the curtains in the dining room are satiny and have subtle stripes. The curtains down here? Matte and without adornment. And the curtain rods in the dining room have fancy, “carved” finials (knobs? I’m not sure the exact terminology). The rod ends downstairs were simple and round.
See what I’m getting at? I kind of got the feeling that the living room curtains were playing the ugly step-sister to Cinderella. Hmm…that was an odd way to describe it, but I think you get the picture. So, I went ahead and switched out the finials for something slightly more snazzy.
Although these hexagonal knobs aren’t quite as fancy as the carved knobs to be found one room over, I think they’re slightly more interesting. Just enough that I don’t feel like they’re the ugly step-sister anymore. Slightly plain cousin, perhaps, but by no means ugly.
And as far as the curtains go, I really like the material they’re made out of, but I think they need just a bit more oomph. So I’ve bought some ribbon which I’m planning on attaching somehow, kind of like this!
Although, probably not with pompoms. Probably.


  1. What did those poor curtains do to you that is so horrible they deserve pompoms?! You be nice.

  2. @Amanda - Yay! I still have readers! (Uh...reader, anyway) And, don't worry, I promise to play nice. No pompoms.

  3. You definitely still have reader :) If you hadn't of posted this one, I was going to heckle you for not updating my favorite blog!

  4. Hey! I LIKE pom poms, buster!

  5. Oh, and I have a technique you might want to try on your curtains...as long as you are jazzing them up a bit.
    (**Pom POMS! Pom POMS!!**)
    Ahem. So this is something I got from those Goodwill Ikea curtains (that are now hanging in my room). What you do is sew some 1-2 inch wide tabs BEHIND the top of the curtain where the rod would go through. You space them at even intervals, oh, about 4 inches apart, say. Then you feed the rod THROUGH the tabs instead of through the, uh, rod hole. Makes for a nice little pleated but not TOO pleated looking curtain. Come see my (your) curtains and you'll agree it's a dandy look.

  6. @Kaydeemcdee - If I could find some decent teal pompoms, I could probably be persuaded. But that's probably not going to happen. And I LOVE the idea of tabs! That would dress up my plain curtains fine. You should text me a pic of yours!