Mission Accomplished

To read about the projects we’ve completed so far, please click on the following links!

Deep cleaning a chandelier—"...3 burned out bulbs, 2 sets of shades, and a partridge in a pear tree!"

Adding trim to plain curtains—"
WWTGS (aka: What Would Tim Gunn Say?)"

Planting a flowering hawthorn tree—"
New Beginnings

Cutting down a dead cherry tree—"Uprooted"

Hanging shades in a massive window—"
The Attack of the 118-inch Window"

Hanging curtains in the lower living room—"Curtain Call"

Decorating the mantel for fall—"
The Lovely Mantel and the Ludicrous Slippers"

Replacing the overhead lighting in the kitchen—"
Show 'Em Some Love"

Creating free abstract art—"
An Adventure in Abstract Art"

Replacing the over-the-sink pendant light—"
This Little Light of Mine"

Creating a stenciled + beaded pillow—"An Easy Stenciled Pillow How-To"

Making over a friend's living room—"Moody Monday: Mission Accomplished!"

Making a laminate window shade—"And the D.S.O.A. goes to..."

Removing excess landscaping—"The Great Yard Demo of 2011"

Spray painting metal artwork—"A Viney Make-Over and How to Post A Comment"

Removing kitchen cabinet doors + priming interiors—"Cabinetry Carnage"

Making custom welcome mats for stairs—"Step It Up"

Demolishing the pet cemetary—"In Which I Am Weird"

Installing new fixtures in the master bathroom—"Tub Wars: 21 House Strikes Back"

Building a workbench in the garage—"The Much-Anticipated Garage Update"