January 16, 2012

21 House's First Snow Day

 Well, we got snow! I know that's maybe not the most exciting thing to report on as I get back into blogging-swing-of-things, but it's pretty exciting to me, anyway. It's not even that much snow, or that much of a big deal (like last year's massive and unexpected snowstorm that ground Seattle to a halt for several days straight). But as we begin to spend a little more time in our home, there are so many firsts. Like our first Christmas, with our first pretty not-so-little tree, our first time having company over, our first snow. It makes me kind of sentimental (okay, okay, pretty heavily sentimental). So here are some snowflake-framed pics of our first snow.

 Here's Denny's beautiful fence! Look at how sweet the little snow piles are on the "hats." Denny wanted me to point that out, in particular. :)
Oh, and that? That's our shed! Okay, so it's not really, but it will be. Denny and his dad have been working on it for a couple of weeks. It's going to be beautiful! We're hoping to get it all assembled and put together this weekend. I'll definitely report back once it gets constructed. See? Look at me writing for my own sweet little blog? This is definitely a good start to the new year!


  1. @Amanda - Maybe the snowflake border was a little much, but it was so pretty I just couldn't stop myself! :) Btw, you should see the house today. We got another three inches overnight. Things are definitely a winter wonderland outside.