January 18, 2012

SOPA, Snow, and A Small Project

Okay, so anyone who's been on the internet today has probably already seen the whole thing that's going on with SOPA and PIPA. But in case you haven't, here's a really, really quick explanation: SOPA and PIPA are two bills that are going before Congress with the aim to stop online piracy. However, these bills are doing much less of that and much more CENSORSHIP instead. It's a scary proposition for anyone who values free speech and as a result much of the internet is going on strike today (even Google and Wikipedia are in on it). Now, I've done my part to sign the petitions and add my name to the list of protesters, but...well, this might make me a bad American and a worse writer, but....a girl's gotta write when she's got the chance, and since today was a snow day, I've got a little free time on my hands. So...uh, do as I say and not as I preach. Resist SOPA and PIPA! Oh, and in case you aren't taking my word for it, here's a link containing more information. Now....onto the blogging!

As you can see, we got a whole whopping 7 inches of snow between yesterday and today! And, honestly, it was probably more than that considering I didn't even get out my very old NFC ruler until it'd already settled and even rained a little bit. But, I digress. SNOW. Lots of it (for Seattle, at least). Which of course prompted me to make....

A snowgirl! However, she ended up being considerably less cute than my normal snow creations and a little more, uh...creepy Kewpie-ish. See what I mean?

Yeah. Not my fave. 

However, that didn't stop me from getting down there and having my picture taken with the ol' girl. After all, she's the first snowman (I mean, snowgirl) at our new house. Now, let's see...we've covered SOPA, snow, and...oh, yeah! A very small project! Well, here's how it started.

See this scabby looking cork board? It'd recently been rescued from a previous life as a school project (mine, of course). But, alas, life as a school project is hard work and it had many war-wounds to show for it.

See all those bare spots? That's where I'd taped things to it and then attempted to...um, un-tape things. It didn't work.

So I decided to cover up it's multitude of blemished with some pretty fabric. I laid the fabric down, laid the board down, then snipped carefully around the edges, leaving enough room to staple them down.

Next, I ironed the fabric to give it a smooth appearance...

Then simply began stapling that puppy together! I didn't do anything special except to make sure that it was pulled taut on all the sides. 

And then, of course, to make the corners look as nice as I could.

Ta-daaaaah! Mission Staple Fabric complete. 

I hung it up (using my new best friend the two-foot level)...

And there it is! Much less ugly and still fully functional. Oh, and you probably haven't seen this yet, have you? This is my studio as it slowly gets more moved-into. See that desk? It was a kick-A deal (aka: free from my Mom's work). I haven't had much of a chance to use it yet since we just finished it a couple days ago, but I already love how I have tons of little cubbies to store my knick-knacks in. Oh, and what's that hanging from the ceiling, you ask?

Why, my pink Rockstar light. Don't you have one? I guess not, since it's a one-of-a-kind original made by my Mummy for me for Christmas. I love it. Not only is it funky and PINK, but it also casts light into that otherwise dark corner. And speaking of corners...

Here's the other end of the studio. Yeah, it's less neat and organized. Well, I guess that's not necessarily true, since it's actually very organized. It's just less pleasing to the eye, I suppose. There's all kinds of stuff huddled over there as you can see, including a lot of things that you can't. Like a box of paper flowers, two containers of yarn, half a dozen dried gourds, some un-assembled Adirondack chairs, and...oy. I could go on. But I won't.

Anyway, if you've made it through this long, rambling post: I thank you. I promise I'll get a little more cohesive as I get back into the swing of things. But until then, damn....it just feels good to be writing again.


  1. Bwahahaha!!!! Denny didn't toss the desk :)

    Also, for the record, the house envy has come back. I want one so bad!

  2. Oooh, your art studio is looking mighty good! Soooo much better than when I last laid eyes on it!! Cork board is much improved too.

  3. @Amanda - Despite the fact that he wanted nothing more than to do just that. So buy a house, moneybags! ;)

    @Kaydeemcdee - Thanks! I actually like spending time in there now instead of dreading how disorganized it is. Now I just need a chair...