January 7, 2012

Hello, Blogosphere! Remember me?

Alright. So this is a little awkward. You know, since I haven't posted anything in...oh, roughly a month and half or so. Maybe longer. And I should have given some kind of indicator to you all (assuming there's still anyone reading this blog) that I still exist. However, I am not in the least bit kidding when I say that the past two months have been so busy that I have barely had time to sleep, much less write anything for my own lovely little blog. Between countless school projects, working two jobs, making most of my family and friends' presents by hand this year, and attempting to do normal things like spend some time with my husband, it's been kind of crazy.

But I'm back now. And I just wanted to let you know that although I may not be reporting in as often as I used to (you know, before I fell off the face of the planet), I'm going to start writing again. My goal? One post and project a week. Because, you know, sleep is way overrated anyway.

1 comment:

  1. Buzz ah! I had hoped you would return someday :)