November 28, 2011

Where does a platypus learn a word like 'hodgepodge' anyway?

Sorry the title of this post is so random (it's from an old commercial, I believe), but this post is going to be equally random. For example...

Here is the wreath that I made for my Mummy last week! It's very similar to mine, except it obviously has a different color scheme. And it's double-wrapped, since the main wreath body was green and one layer of white yarn resulted in some pretty nasty show-through. Just another fun project to share with you guys. Oh, and this...

A more complete photo of the fence, as promised...what, like last Monday? Kind of late, but better than never, I suppose! It was taken from the window of Denny's office, right over the roof-line of the garage. I got lazy and took it from inside since it was raining so hard that day. :)

AND, last but not least, a little poll for my small readership.

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See, I want to move this blog over to WordPress, which has (in my opinion) a better format for blog-writing and inserting images. However, I don't want to move it if you all won't come along with honest. Answer the question. You won't hurt my feelings either way.

And that concludes the most random jumbly post I have ever written! Looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. I love my wreath! It's, uh, LOVELY! Thank you again!
    So what are those tall fence posts for, did you say? Hawk perches? Take them down! The hawks want my squirrel!

  2. @Kaydeemcdee - No, not hawk posts. We don't have no stinking hawks here. However, we will take them down soon (when it stops raining and we get home before dark-- which may be never) because your squirrel does find them terribly inconvenient when running along that line of fence. Denny and I were watching him the other day and he went up and over the first one, but then got sick of the hard work and scaled around the other two. You should have seen the look on his face. It was totally: "Seriously? WTF?!" Lol [PS: I'm glad you love your wreath. It's my favorite so far, with all that girly pink going on!]

  3. Where DOES a platypus learn a word like 'hodgepodge'?

    Important question.