October 15, 2011


Wow! Today we were busy All. Stinking. Day. We didn’t wake up very early, but we definitely hit the ground running. Up. Make coffee. Make breakfast quiche (fresh breakfast quiche, not a re-heat). Cut down tree. Work on—wait. You probably want to hear about what else we’ve been chopping down, don’t you? I know you do.
Well, remember this guy?

No? Probably because I don’t think I’ve ever remarked on it before. This is due to the fact that it is…wait for it…Dead. So very exciting. Except, you know, not. So today we finally did something about this very underwhelming element of our yard. In short, Denny got out his chainsaw and hacked that sucker down. But since I can never tell a short story about anything, here’s a little elaboration in the form of pictures and some snarky commentary. ;)

Look at that boy. Definitely knows his way around a chainsaw. Let’s time him, shall we?

Time lapsed: 8 seconds

Time lapsed: 12.4 seconds

Time lapsed: 17 seconds


See? He had that thing pared down in under a minute.

Next up was the time-consuming task of digging out the roots. I…uh…wanted to help. But…I didn’t. So.

When I came back it looked like this! (I love you, Denny; thank you!) After digging most of the dirt out and exposing the roots, he brought the trusty ol’ chainsaw back out and did a little rootectomy.

And then it was time to wiggle that thing out like a bad tooth (nice imagery, huh?).

Wait a second… That looks awfully familiar… Oh, yeah! Remember this?

The wiggle worked then and it worked again today. In no time at all, we (Denny) was hauling the stump out to add to our ever growing pile of dead things. Huh. That sounded wrong. Pile of dead plants. Anyway…

Ta-daaaaah! Dead tree = Gone. And while that did take up quite a bit of our time today, that’s definitely not all she wrote. Except that, well, it is going to be all I “wrote” today. I’ll report back tomorrow with the rest of the story (spoiler alert: we planted stuff). Until then, in the spirit of Halloween, I’ll leave you with this little pic…


  1. Why was it dead? Why?

  2. @Kaydeemcdee - I don't know. I'm still waiting for the medical examiner to finish with the autopsy. My official statement so far is: "Cause of death as yet unknown." No further comment.