September 30, 2011

Pleasantly Surprised

It’s been a very “light” kind of week. By which I mean, of course, that Denny and I have been very busy changing out any light fixture that we can get our hands on. However, this one was all mine (you’ll see why I’m so quick to claim it after I show you the pictures).

See this light? It’s not been a favorite of either Denny’s or mine. Pretty much from the moment we bought our house we’ve been contemplating switching it out. For a long time it was even uglier than this picture shows, due to a bare CFL inside that crackly globe. I took it upon myself to switch out the curly-CFL for a round (but still energy efficient!) one long ago. And…meh? It was somewhat better. But I still wasn’t impressed by that bare-bulb kind of look.
So, after being mildly annoyed with the look for a couple of weeks, I decided to swap out the bulb yet again, this time for something crystal clear and…uh, well, admittedly, somewhat less efficient. Fine! I’ll admit it. In this case, I chose esthetics over the environment. What a bad Seattleite I am.
AnyWAY, I was feeling just the tiniest bit bad about this decision until I flipped the switch on the light and this happened:
I’ve got to admit, once I saw this groovy little light show, all my guilt immediately disappeared. Because, dudes, this light fixture just went from so-so to psychedelic (excuse my hippie-speak, if you please).
And at night, it only gets better…
Whenever I turn it on now, I’m torn between staring into its glowy depths and being all like “Whoa, duuuuuuude” or flitting about like Ariel singing “Part of Your World.” It’s equal parts undersea grotto and electric lightening ball, but either way, both Denny and I are now so completely enamored of this light that we’ve sworn to never take it down. Ever.


  1. Huh. Who knew? Well, I agree. It's a keeper.

  2. @Kaydeemcdee - Agreed. I love it. But I wonder what it looks like from the road? People probably think we put in some weird new light...Oh, well.