September 2, 2011

To Fluff or Not to Fluff

When you spend as much time looking at home decorating stuff as I do, you start to realize that some truly weird stuff is going on in the world of d├ęcor. Like, all of a sudden ikat is super cool, the chicest color combo on the planet is apparently grey and yellow, and industrial casters are da-BOMB.
Now (before you jump down my throat) let me just say that I, too, think all of this stuff is neat-o. But I also think that part of the neat-factor can be attributed to the sheer amount of examples that we see of them these days. When I first saw grey and yellow paired, I thought whoever had done so had lost their ever-lovin’ mind. But now that there's so much of that combination splashed across the pages of DIY magazine and filling up the galleries at, I’m much more into it. I mean, look at my bathroom inspiration. Kind of trendy, truth be told.
However, there is one trend that continues to baffle me, no matter how much of it I see. And this trend is…the awkward case of the collapsed pillow. Not sure what I mean? Let me show you some examples.

See? Every single pillow looks like it’s collapsed in on itself. The tops have flat-out caved in. I don’t know who started this, but I find it completely ludicrous. Why is it suddenly hip to have sad, squashed pillows? Is it meant to imply that the pillows are so fluffy and soft they can barely hold themselves up? “I have the most delicate pillows EVAR!” This is the only (somewhat-kind-of-not-even-remotely) logical conclusion I can imagine, because to me, it just looks like there’s a pillow-hating ninja on the loose. Or maybe it’s a whole fleet (or whatever you call a group) of ninjas, because it sure seems to be an epidemic.
It’s happening in L.A.—CHOP!
It’s happening in New York—CHOP!
It’s happening in Richmond and Boulder and Chicago—CHOPCHOPCHOP!!!
The only place this sneaky little guy is NOT welcome, apparently, is in one particular house in the Seattle area. Call me old fashioned, but I like my pillows plush and my house ninja-free.
What do you think? Are you a closet chopper? A proud fluffer? Are your pillows almost always squished anyway because small animals keep trodding on them? Maybe you live a pillow-free existance? Whatever your deal, I wish you a wonderful, long, and chopless (unless you like that kind of thing) weekend! See you on Monday!
PS: The 21 House Flickr account has been updated and now includes even more pictures of halfway completed projects! :) Lots of love, A
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Original ninja clip-art from:
Original Ninja (Customized by the Lovely Me)

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  1. I believe the proper term is, "A herd of ninjas" or just "the ninjai". I've actually seen people do the chop on the decorating shows and I find it silly as well. You know my pillows are, in fact, trod on by small animals who think the pillows have been put there for their own trodding pleasure.