August 22, 2011

Harry Potter and the...Master Bathroom?

Alright. So I’ve been thinking lately (shocking, I know) about this idea I had to do some sort of themed post every week. Kind of like how YoungHouseLove gives away prizes once a week and how the HGTV blog does a Color of the Month, so I’d like to be able to give everyone something to look forward to on a regular basis (besides some stunning pictures of me weeding, or scrubbing grout, or whatever other glamorous thing I’m currently up to). Now, I’m not going to be able to give away prizes just yet (sorry; maybe someday), but since I do need to work up some more mood boards for the rest of the rooms in our house, I’ve decided to implement “Moody Mondays” (a name fitting in more ways than one)!
Every Monday from here on out (unless otherwise arranged), I will be coming out with a new mood board for another room in the house. These mood boards will always feature a product list and links to the items that inspire me, just in case you feel inspired by them, too. And, just to keep things interesting, once I get done doing all of my rooms (or maybe sooner, depending on how well this goes) I’d be more than happy to whip up a board for anyone else who wants one! I think it will be a lot of fun, not only to work on my own rooms, but also to branch out and try doing a little bit of design work for others, as well. J
So without further babble, I’m proud to introduce the very first Moody Monday Board…
My Hogwarts-themed master bathroom!
So that may not sound like the most grown-up thing in the world, but I don’t care what anyone says: the Harry Potter books are genius. They are ART. And I would be proud to have my bathroom stand as a homage to their fabulousness.
Now, before you write me off completely (or before you start getting visions of Snitch-patterned wallpaper or maybe a life-size-Dobby-replica toilet paper holder), take a minute to please remember back to last Friday, when I showed you this little teaser:
Remember that? Well, those prints are where this idea really began for me. I was inspiration scouting on (what else?) Pinterest, when I came across these very vintagey, Harry Potter inspired works of art. I loved the colors used in them, as well as the subject matter, and I immediately began thinking of a way to incorporate them into our home. Where’s a good place to display a small set of postcard-sized prints? Someplace where they’ll be able to fill up the space properly and where (let’s be honest) I won’t have to look at them ALL of the time (because, while I do love them, I don’t love them enough to hang them over my mantel, ya know?)?
Answer? Why, in the bathroom, of course!
So, having the location settled, I started looking for a some bathrooms that inspired me and could be tweaked for my new Hogwarts theme. This one was my absolute favorite:

Now that I had loads of inspiration, I began piecing together some ideas about colors, accessories, and foundation elements. I pretty quickly put together this little mood board (there’s really only so much you can put in an 8x8 bathroom, so it didn’t take too long).

1. Using the colors found in the postcards, I began searching for an acceptable color palette.
2. Design-Seeds proved it’s worth yet again, coming up with this calming palette of blues, grey-taupes, and corncob yellow.
3. I went to the Behr website and searched around a little bit longer to find this tone (called “Lion”) for the walls and this color,
4. “Pot of Cream,” for the trim. I haven't decided if I want board and batten in there or not. I'm sort of playing with the idea of doing large horizontal stripes on the walls in almost-identical shades of grey for a subtle effect, so we'll just have to see how it all plays out.
5. Our current three-paneled, red-oak medicine cabinet is hideous, so I’m thinking of replacing it with this espresso-stained, window-ledge mirror from Lowes. I think the narrowness of it will make the space look a little larger and will make room for
6. a couple of these aged-bronze vanity lights. The frosted shades will cut the glare in the bathroom and by moving them from on top of the mirror to the sides, I think the lighting will be much more natural (not to mention, flattering—which is always a bonus).
7. And, just to play around, I thought to add this little yellow toothbrush holder in the shape of a bird. I was briefly tempted to go with this owl one but thought that might be going a wee bit overboard with the whole HP theme (and that’s “Potter,” not “Packard,” for the record).
8. Lastly, I think this new theme deserves a new shower curtain. Although our semi-transparent one that we have now, keeps the shower nice and brightly lit, I think something similar to this yellow chevron one will be attractive and nearly as bright ('cause I absolutely hate washing my hair in the dark).
So, what do you think? Do you like the idea of Moody Mondays? What about my plans for the master bathroom? Am I taking it too far? Not far enough? Do you wish I would try to find a Dobby t.p. holder? I probably could, if I tried hard enough…
Product Breakdown:
Inspiration bathroom from Welcome to Heardmont 
Harry Potter Postcard set by Caroline Hadilaksono - $22
Color palette from Design-Seeds
“Lion” and “Pot of Cream” Behr Paint from Home Depot - $32 per gallon
allen + roth Palencia Espresso Bath Mirror from Lowes - $119
Victorian Wall Sconce in Venetian bronze from Home Depot - $89 each
Bird Toothbrush Holder from Urban Outfitters $9
Yellow chevron shower curtain from Maison Boutique - $130


  1. I love Moody Mondays! I really like the mood boards (damned if I can figure out to make one though), and I think they are a fabulous idea. Also, I think that the HP art rocks my socks off and would look just fetching in your master bath :)

  2. P.S.

    Whatever happened with the contact paper window treatment business?

  3. @Amanda - I'm glad you like! That HP art was one of those must-haves from the moment I set eyes on it. I like to think of it as "subtle geek-chic." ;)

    And the window tx is taking WAY longer than anticipated. Partly because it's super time consuming and partly because it's hard work physically. I can't bend over tracing the stencil for that long at a stretch (it makes my back hurt) and cutting them out takes a while and leaves bruises on my hands. :/ I'm workin' on it though... My goal is to have it done and posted by Friday.

  4. Cute blog! Just stumbled upon it-will contineue to read. Check my blog out at :)

  5. @Katey - Thanks! I look forward to reading yours as well! :)

  6. Oh, I can see the life sized Dobby toilet paper holder! He stands there helpingfully holding out a roll. Those big eyes are just watching you as you help yourself to a big wad of Charmin... Eh. Maybe not. But yeah, I do think this room requires an owl, not some random bird.