August 24, 2011

Picture This...

Alright, so I know that this may be totally lame (especially considering my also-rather-lame post yesterday), but I’m going to bore you with a little more…uh, well, I hesitate to say “art” because they’re just some pictures I took, but…here they are anyway (and holy crap, if that isn’t a run-on sentence, I don’t know what is!). This is mostly because I'm a dork and forgot to download the pics of my most recent projects from my camera, a problem I will remedy tonight. Meaning: Expect a really real post tomorrow! Huzzah! (What? You aren't familiar with "huzzah"?)
Anyway, these are some pictures I took this weekend while I was visiting my hometown in Oregon. They’re all obviously touched up and messed with, but they definitely give you the feel of what this weekend was like: bright, hot, rural, and utterly homey. In short, last weekend was perfect (oh, except for my car protesting against the bright-hot-rural-homey day and overheating, but that’s beside the point).

First, here is a 60’s style shot of my Denny’s parent’s farm. Isn’t it beautiful? I wish that I had thought to get some pictures of their garden; it really is something to see right now. I guess I just got distracted by all the yummy fruit there was to eat. Denny's dad kept picking me handfuls of strawberries and raspberries, so of course I morphed from shutterbug to sticky-handed child. The lesson of this tale? Offer me fresh fruit and I will follow you anywhere. :) 

Likewise at the farm. At one point all three cows were huddled at the fence with their noses down, but (of course) as soon as I ran to get my camera, two of them ran off. Those buggers.

After visiting for a while at the farm, I met up with my Mom and we went to this farmer’s market on our way to town. This old barn was restored a few years ago and now (in addition to hopefully being much safer to be inside) is a pretty sight to see on a summer day.

Mom was the one to point out this particular photo-op and what a lovely one it turned out to be! As Denny will be quick to tell you, it’s next-to-impossible for me to pass up a few macro-focus pics of flowers. I’ve pretty well branded myself as the “close-up flower lady” in his eyes.

And this last one I snapped as we were heading out the door of the barn, arms loaded down with fresh zucchini and a few bags of dried gourds (more on that project later). It struck me just how old-fashioned this scene looked, as if the photograph could have been taken decades ago.
Anyway, that’s my weekend for you. Rather countrified, but what can I say? I guess, deep down, I’m just a country girl at heart.
PS: In case you’re interested in checking out any more of my pictures, I’ve created a 21 House flickr page, found here. I’ll be adding any extra photos I have on hand to that periodically. Now, for real: tootles all! -A

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