August 18, 2011

Oooooh! Sparkly!

Just as I delighted to wake up to this glitzy little display a few mornings ago, so I hope you were delighted to wake up to the new-and-improved 21 House today (don’t lie, you know you check this blog first thing upon waking!).
There are a couple of extra things that I’ve added, including a list of things that Denny and I want to do to the house, things we’ve already completed, and a page devoted to what inspires me in my decorating adventures (all of which are under construction and will be added to, I swear!). You can find all these pages and links just above the posts, beneath the banner.
Same as before, if for any reason you find you have trouble accessing anything, it doesn’t look good, or it just plain bothers you, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to fix it.
And, on that note, if you have trouble commenting (as I know at least one person has), please text me and let me know (I’m assuming my total readership is comprised of people who have my personal cell number…and I’m fairly certain this assumption is correct). I’ll work on making it more accessible.
Hope you enjoy the new layout! J I’ll be back shortly with an actual home-themed post, as well.
PS: The mirrorball is probably not a permanent dining room fixture, by the way. It’ll most likely be moved to the Studio once it becomes more of a functional space and less of a holding cell for banished boxes. But you gotta admit, it is awful pretty in the early morning sunlight (not that I choose to experience that very often!). -A

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