August 23, 2011


I have a confession to make.
I am an art-aholic. I have more prints, cards, photos, and originals than I have ever been able to find room for. I can barely walk into a store without picking something up. And, on top of all that, I have my own collection of works in progress. Dozens of pounds of yarn waiting to be crocheted, stacks of blank canvas, planks of wood I have plans for, gourds that need to be sanded and painted (yes, I said “gourds”)…the list goes on and on. My obsession was bad enough pre-internet (yes, I’ve been an art pack-rat for that long), but now that there’s Etsy and Pinterest to fuel my desire, well, let’s just say that my habit can get a little out of control at times.
So, in the spirit of all the works of art I have and the countless others that I wish I had, I thought I’d share with you some pieces that tickle my fancy, as well as how I would incorporate them into a room (if I had, ya know, a sixty room mansion instead of a modest-sized tri-level).

1. Ok, so I am by no means a cat-person, however, this utterly-cranky-looking feline caught my eye right away. You can just tell that this is HIS CHAIR and he will NOT BE MOVED. Basically, it cracked me up. And (as you can tell) I am not an art snob; I don’t think an image has to be particularly deep or serious to be considered art. As long as it invokes some sort of emotion in you and you like it (note those key words, please), I think that’s enough to qualify it as a piece of art.
As for where I would put something like this, I think it would look cute in a small lacquered frame (maybe in black or aqua) on an end table next to a reading chair. Although I’m not sure it’d be a particularly relaxing experience trying to read in the presence of those condemning yellow eyes, it would nonetheless be very fitting (and amusing…for me, at least). J
2. I couldn’t resist including these brightly colored prints done on vintage book pages (which I’m sure surprises no one). Maybe it’s a little boring of me, but I’m a sucker for anything that has rich tones (especially blue ones, as you’ll see) and includes so much as hint of the written word. I think these prints (which come in a set) would love lovely framed in basic black frames and hung in a bedroom, maybe in a line over the headboard.
3. Um…I’m sensing a theme here, aren’t you? Yeah, well, what can I say? Trees inspire me. It’s one of the main reasons I fell in love with our house (which is so covered in trees you can hardly see it from the road). This painting is a HUGE original that could pretty much stand alone in any room devoid of all other art. I think it makes that much of a statement. Hang it on any wall and…BAM! You’ve got instant style.
4. This print reminds me of the way the trees look on Mt. Hood, where it’s so cold that the limbs are permanently frosted, despite the sun shining on them. Although you could definitely display this year-round, I’m envisioning it framed in white and set on a mantle during the winter, maybe next to a hurricane glass filled with pinecones or some long white tapers.

1. This piece is also an original (and, at only $70, quite a steal). There’s something so sweet and yet a little eerie about it, which is right up my alley. You could hang it almost anywhere, I think, although I would probably put it somewhere I wanted to go to feel inspired and relaxed. Maybe in a home office or at a writing desk. It would be a pleasant reminder to take a quiet moment to enjoy the simple things in life, like a stolen kiss under a streetlight.
2. This funky photograph is so girly and random. It just makes me smile for some reason. Maybe it’s because I have a soft spot for chickens (particularly banties) or maybe it’s the vintage dress and turquoise hat (why doesn’t anyone wear fancy hats anymore?). In any case, I can so see it in a brightly colored, retro kitchen. Clean white cabinets, sunny yellow paint, vintage dishtowels (you know, the ones with little blue flowers on the ends and maybe a yellow scalloped trim?), and a black and white checkered floor. I think these two chicks would fit in just fine.
3. I would put this playful print in any female-oriented space. Just looking at it makes me want to break out the red lipstick, throw on some vintage bangles, and head out to find an adventure. Just the right attitude for…a vanity perhaps? Yes, a vintage vanity with a cushioned stool and lots and LOTS of fun jewelry on display.
4. Now, if I were to decorate a baby’s room (and, let’s just get one thing straight: I AM NOT, repeat AM NOT), I think something like this would be just sweet. I love the colors and the simplicity and how gentle that polar bear looks with the bird perched on its massive paw (kind of a new version of lion and the lamb?). I’d decorate the whole room in this kind of aurora borealis theme, with a white furry rug, blue walls, and tons of twinkle lights. How cute would that be?
And now (just in case you find that any of these have also caught your fancy), here is the ever-present,
Product Breakdown:
"Cat on mid century chair" 8x10 Pigment Print from Olive Dear - $30
"4 Trees" set of 4x6 prints from - $8
"Intertwined" 54x24 Original Abstract Contemporary Landscape from Madart - $299
"Sunrise" 8.5x9 Abstract Fine Art Print from budanArt - $18
"Autumn Kiss" Hand-Cut 11x14 Silhouette Papercut from Papercut Art by Tina Tarnoff - $70
"Hens" Original Signed 8x10 Fine Art Photograph from Heather Evans Smith Photography - $30
"Entanglement" Open Edition 7.5x9.5 Print from Janet Hill Studio - $26
"Bear & Bird" 6x8 Print from Geninne’s Art Store - $30

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